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The Human Rights Research League (HRRL) is a non-governmental organization aiming at protecting individuals by placing human rights abuses, acts contrary to international humanitarian law, systemic grievances as well as humanitarian emergencies on the agenda. HRRL seeks to contribute to knowledge and research based public discussion and problem analysis without geographical, political, confessional or other limitations or alignments.

As our name suggests, we are an organization primarily focused on research from the basis of a strong academic foundation. However, we recognize that lasting impact and positive change also depend on connecting academics and practitioners, combining research on root causes of human rights violations with implementation of projects and policies addressing those grievances. 

To this end, we are engaged in four focus areas: Research. Education. Advocacy. Development. (R.E.A.D.), all with a view to bridging the gap between academic and practical approaches to human rights, and between problem analysis and implementation of solutions.

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Beyond Encampment: International Expert Meeting Report on Mass Migration Management released

On 2 November 2018, Human Rights Research League (HRRL) and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) convened an international expert meeting on the challenges posed by mass migration regarding urban areas, refugee camps, and potential future conflicts and humanitarian crises (‘Beyond Encampment: Managing Mass Migration in an Age of Urbanization’) at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law. This interdisciplinary workshop, with invited experts from the US, MENA, and Europe, was an in-depth follow-up to a public seminar previously organized by HRRL at the University of Oslo as part of the World Seminar series. The expert meeting included four sessions, dealing with The Global Compacts and Mass Migration Management; Novel Approaches to Accommodating Refugees and Forced Migrants; Global Trends and the Challenges of Urbanization and Exile; and Fighting Root Causes of Flight: Integration, Circular Migration, and the Promise of Technology. The full report may be downloaded below.

 Beyond Encampment-Expert Meeting Report.pdf

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Conferences & calls

International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition
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Francis Lieber Prize 2020
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Conference on Linking Policies and People: New Insights on Migration and Development, Bonn, Germany
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ASIL Midyear Meeting and Research Forum, Brooklyn Law School, New York, USA
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Conference on The Role of Human Rights Mechanisms in Implementing International Humanitarian Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Organised under the auspices of the Global Studies Institute (University of Geneva), the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Office...   More
Workshop on State Compliance with International Human Rights Law, Aix Marseille University, Aix-en-Provence, France
The Institute for International Humanitarian Studies (CERIC, UMR DICE 7318, AMIDEX) of Aix-en-Provence Law School welcomes submissions for the forthcoming INSIDE Workshop in Compliance Theories to be held at...   More